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edwinablush_bgWitty, charming, elegant, sultry, the unforgettable, Blush, has been honing her craft for over two decades, Edwina is a seasoned performer at the height of her powers. Encrusted in butterflies riding a white stallion, draped in velvet and shooting flame from the bowsprit of the Endeavour, purring, growling and provoking with feline finesse she continues to appear on the programs of arts, writers’ and music festivals across the globe from Sydney Mardi Gras to the Venice Biennale.

A born entertainer Edwina exudes presence, delivering exactly the right vibe to match the crowd. Her versatility and professionalism have endeared her not just to audiences, venues and fellow performers, she also enjoys the patronage of clothing and jewellery designers and can be relied upon to look as well as sound the part.

Edwina is available for bookings as a solo act, a complement to your favourite DJ or accompanied by as many live musicians as your budget allows! Her musical repertoire includes jazz, blues, pop, reggae and rock classics as well as her own compositions and she is happy to work with you to create exactly the kind of playlist you desire.

Ruth Hessey

Australian Vogue
“She purrs and growls until the audience is an adoring heap”

Dr Anita Heiss

“I was so impressed, so blown away, so moved to think, write, be creative …do yourself a favour and get to a live gig”

A catty, irreverent and a highly therapeutic bit of silliness.This song is not actually about Cats being better than Dogs, its more about a desire to distance oneself from mob behaviour. Belonging is a wonderful feeling but in the desire for acceptance we sometimes fail to offer resistance to suspect ideas, taking comfort that we are not the only ones behaving badly, especially when some of those people are influential cultural leaders we admire and wish to emulate, the so called Top Dogs.


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